Mixed Media

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Mixed Media Gallery

This gallery contains paintings that were done with different types of mediums.  It doesn't include drawings that were created with different types of mediums.

Title: "Two-By-Two Series- Giraffees" (Original)/ Price: $65.00 (Plus Tax/S& H) / Dimensions: 8.25"X10.25" (Unframed & Unmatted) / Prints Available: Price:$19.65 (Plus Tax/S&H)/Dimensions: 11" X 9"(Unframed & Unmatted)

"Patchwork Elephant" (Original) / Dimensions: 11"X 14" (Unframed & Double White Matt) / Medium: Gouache, Ink, & Watercolor / SOLD / Prints Available

Title: "Paradise" (Original) / Dimensions: 21.5"X25.5" (Framed & Matted) / Medium: Watercolor & Sand / Price: SOLD / No Prints Available